Personal Trainer

Natalia Kley-Wisniewska is a personal trainer and an athlete herself. Already as a kid she enjoyed playing handball, she was dancing and she loved to run track. At the age of 16 Natalia joined a kickboxing school in Stuttgart (Germany) and she has been an active fighter ever since. She dominated in the dscipline "pointfighting" in Germany and was a member of the german and later on the US national team. 

Natalia studied Fitness Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany and decided to turn her passion into her profession. At the same time she certified as a trainer and nutrition coach.

Between the year 2013 and 2018 Natalia lived in Chicago, Illinois. She made her dream come true and lived her american dream in the Windy City where she brought her career as a trainer to the next level. Natalia worked with a large range of clients from children, professional athletes over to coorporate fitness events. She teamed up with Trainer Raynor LLC. and was a part of the JW Marriott Fit Squad in one of the most prestige hotels in Chicago. Natalia worked as a Nike Trainer and led events for the biggest internbational Sportsbrand in the world. In 2018 Natalia joined the Title Boxing Team and was teaching Kickboxing at the Chicago Area Title Boxing Clubs.