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Natalia Kley-Wisniewska is a personal trainer and an athlete herself. Already as a kid she enjoyed playing sports, dancing and she loved to run track. At the age of 16 Natalia joined a kickboxing school in Stuttgart (Germany) and she has been an active fighter ever since. She dominated in the discipline "pointfighting" in Germany and was a member of the german and later on the US national team. 

Natalia studied Fitness Economics at the University of Applied Sciences and decided to turn her passion into her profession. She certified as a trainer and nutrition coach.

Between the year 2013 and 2018 Natalia lived in Chicago, Illinois. She made her dream come true and lived her american dream in the Windy City where she brought her career as a trainer to the next level. Natalia worked with a large range of clients from young athletes, professional athletes over to corporate

fitness events.

She teamed up with Trainer Raynor LLC. and was a part of the JW Marriott Fit Squad in one of the most prestige hotels in Chicago.

Natalia worked as a Nike Trainer and led events for the biggest internbational Sportsbrand in the world. In 2018 Natalia joined the Title Boxing Team and was teaching Kickboxing at the Chicago Area Title Boxing Clubs.

Currently Natalia works as a coach and speaker at the Women's Health Camps all over Europe. 

She also uses her expertise by leading health and mental health workshops at Ingeus- a partner of the Job Center in Stuttgart.

In December 2022 Natalia became the first woman in franchise history at the Stuttgart Surge American Football Team as Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Bachelor in Fitness Economics DhfPG
  • Fitness Trainer B BSA
  • Rehabilitation Trainer BSA
  • Nutrition Consultant BSA
  • Independent Personal Trainer since 2010
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach Stuttgart Surge American Football
  • International School Stuttgart Trainer After School Athletic Program
  • FitPRo West Chicago
  • Trainer Raynor Chicago 
  • JW Marriott Fitness Professional
  • Title Boxing Chicago 
  • Nike Trainer 
  • Mobi PT (Software) Market Manager and Sales USA
  • Fit One Expansion Manager Germany, Austria, Poland
  • Fit One Personal Trainer
  • Kraftmanufaktur Stuttgart Personal Trainer 
  • Kraftmacherei Ludwigsburg Trainer 
  • Official Hyrox Trainer
  • Womens Health Camp Trainer
  • Owner Power Punch Online On Demand Program
  • Health Education Speaker Ingeus/ Job Center Stuttgart
  • TMX Trainer
  • Continued Education: Perform Better Summits, NSCA High Performance Basketball Symposium and more
  • Cooperate Activities and Guest Appearances at Daimler Benz Stuttgart, FC Bayern Munich, Red Bull, Hour Glass, PKF, Munich Cheer Allstars, Veecoco and many more



Kristina, 27, Stuttgart

„Wenn du denkst, es geht nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo Natalia her!“


Paul Zipser, Chicago Bulls, NBA

paul zipser.jpg

Mario Little, VL Pesaro, Italien

"When it comes getting the body right Natalia is the best in chicago. The science and technic behind her work is what I like best! Her will and determination for strength and wellness will take her far in this profession."

Phyllis, 77, Artist from Chicago

"I trained with Natalia Key-Wisniewska for almost 5 years.  She was working at a fitness center near by and had just joined the organization.  I had never worked out before, and I was one of her first clients.  From our very beginning meeting, I liked Natalia’s direct manner, her good natured wit, concern and watchfulness.  By the time Natalia left  returning to Germany, I was feeling so much stronger and confident, and my body shape, balance and stamina greatly improved. My only complaint… she didn’t help to make me taller…. or younger!"

phyllis bramson by joe mazza.jpg

"For me, FITNESS means ´to be fit for life´. Which means to be pain free, full of energy, to live a long and healhy life with no major health problems. I would love everybody to realize that a healthy lifestyle is the number one step to a happy life. A healhy lifestyle doesnt mean beeing at the gym 24/7, it doesnt mean counting calories all day long and it also doesnt mean spending tons of money for supplements in order to "look" good. In my opinion the secret to a healhy life is way more simple: whole food moslty plant based diet, good sleep and recovery, movement of any kind and a positive attitude. 

We live in the age of very poor movement habits, very bad nutrition and in the same time in the age of numerous diseases. It is not a coincidence, our body is the mirror of our lifestyle. 

Unfortunatelly instead of health, people strive after a "perfect look" that has been created through social media and the society. But what is "perfect"? For me close to perfect is HEALTHY. Each individual on this planet is different. We all have different bodies, different genetics, different jobs, etc. That means we all have different goals and we will most definitely have different results. The plague of today is the lack of movement. Many of us stop being physically active by the time they start a sitting job. Even children spend more time sitting nowadays. But what if you move too much? Or the wrong way? What if you play sports and get injured once in a while? The right answer is always: take care of your body! 

My goal as a personal trainer is to help my clients to find a way to a healhy lifestyleway in each individual way. I am sure with my experience and expertise I can help as well a mom to get in shape after pregnancy as a young athlete who is just preparing for his professional sports career. 

Long story short: eliminate the health and body issues, learn how to move right, build a foundation for body stability and functionality, find joy in movement, always strive to become a better version of yourself...and dont forget to smile :)

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